Ayurveda- The Science Of Life

Al-Iman Ayurveda

The oldest unified Indian medical system is Ayurveda

(Ayu-life; Veda-science), the science of life, prevention, and longevity.

Its roots can be found in Hindu scriptures called the Vedas-the ancient Indian books of wisdom written more than 5,000 years ago and it also combines knowledge from Upanishads, Samkhya, and Yoga.

Ayurveda places great emphasis on prevention and promotes health preservation by close attention to equilibrium in one’s life, correct thought, diet, lifestyle and herbal use. Ayurvedic wisdom helps one to understand how to build this balance of body, mind, and consciousness according to one’s own individual constitution and how to make changes in lifestyle to bring about and sustain that balance.

Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, each person has a particular energy pattern— an individual combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics— which comprises their own constitution. This constitution is decided by a number of factors at birth and remains the same throughout one’s life

Many forces, internal as well as external, work upon us to disrupt this equilibrium and are expressed from the balanced state as a shift in one’s constitution. Examples of these emotional and physical pressures include one’s emotional state, choice of diet and food, seasons and environment, physical trauma, relationships with the work and family. Once these variables are known, sufficient measures can be taken to nullify or mitigate their consequences or remove the causes of inequality and restore the original constitution. Balance is the natural order; disequilibrium is chaos. Health is order; illness is the disorder. When one comprehends the essence and function of the condition, one can restore order. There is a regular interplay between order and chaos within the body.

Ayurveda has two aims

  • Protection and promotion of health
  • Cure from disease

Vajikarana Chikitsa

Vajikarana Al-Iman ayurveda

Vajikarana hypothesis is a special branch of the hypothesis that is used to support the health and sex life of healthy men as well as sexually deficient patients. Vajikarana is known as the therapy that provides energy, fertility, virility, sexual excitement, sexual organ erection and pleasure in intercourse.

Ayurveda- The science deals with every aspect of life and Vajikarana is one of its eight branches.

Vajikarana may be employed to the fulfillment of both of them

  • Promotion of sexual health
  • Curing sexual diseases

Sexuality and reproduction is very vital in Ayurveda that entire discipline known as Vajikarana and dedicated to enhancing fertility and improve sexual and reproductive energy

‘Vaji’ means horse, which is the symbol of sexual potency and ‘Karana’ means power.

By proper use of Vajikarana treatment one become endured with good physique, potency strength completion, and sexuality.

Classification Of Medicines In Vajikarakna

Vajikarana medicines may be divided into 4 classes viz. Sukrala , SukraRecaka, SukraStambhaka, and SukraSosaka.

  1. Sukrala: The medicines that induce a qualitative and quantitative increase in sperm (Sukra) are known as Sukrala. To this category belong drugs such as Aśvagandhā, Musalī, Sarkarā, Satāvarī. Such medications are useful for spermatogenesis (without semen sperm) and oligospermia.
  2. SukraRecaka: The medications that assist in semen’s ejaculation can be known as ComisariaRecaka. This group includes Bihatī-fruit and women. In conditions such as aspermia, these are useful. Milk, mahogany, bhallātaka-fruit pulp, occasionally malakī-fruit, etc. are both Åukrala and ŠukraRecaka, respectively.
  3. ŚukraStambhaka: The drugs that increase the duration of sexual intercourse are referred to as ŚukraStambhaka. To this group belongs the drug Jātiphala. Both medications are better suggested for premature ejaculation.
  4. ŚukraŚoṣaka: The medications that dry the semen may be referred to as ŠukraŠoaka. Harītakī is a part of that group.

Benefits Of Vajikarana Treatments

  • Increase the time of erection and helps in erectile dysfunction
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • It simulates man for a sexual act
  • Help the men to cohabit with a female without getting tied
  • Makes female satisfied in sex
  • Transform lean, thin and impotent man into a powerful and vigorous
  • Provide Yasha(roaring success), Bala(strength), Pushti(well-nourished) and Shri(glory)
  • The increase will power, intellect and memory in addition to a healthy body
  • Just as a tree has multiple branches similarly man gets multiple benefits from Vajikarana.
  • Vajikarana facilities are reproducing vigorous offspring

Rasayana Chikitsa

Rasayana Chikitsa

The term Rasayana is a mixture of Rasa and Ayana, two different words. In this sense, the word Rasa means the first liquid tissue that nourishes all of the body’s tissues and Ayana is its circulation. This ensures that if rasa dhatu is produced in optimum quality and quantity, then all tissues within the body will naturally be well nourished.

The process by which Rasa is expressed for biochemical metamorphosis to all body tissues is called Rasakriya. Rasayana also means all tissues from Rasa to Shukra are purified. It also aims to give the senses, mind, and intellect their power.

Rasayana treatment has been described as a systematic and scientific medical discipline

Rasayana drugs have those medicines which are capable of imparting

Rasayana aid in increasing natural immunity, enhancing general well being, improving the functioning of all fundamental organs and reduces the chances of early aging.  

In ancient times the word Deha siddhi was used for Rasayana, this also means making the body strength that will last for ever. In alchemy or rasashastra the word Dhatu siddhi was used for making higher metal like gold from cheaper metal like iron.

All body tissues, organs, and canals are given immunity, energy, or reserve strength. The total effect of all of this is the individual’s Life span. If each person follows rules and regulations (described in Swasthavritta)–daily regimen, seasonal regimen, and ethical regimen, take proper food, sleep and enjoy supervised sexual activity, he may enjoy a long and healthy life.

Different factors have to do with longevity. The most essential food out of which is. Similarly, exercise is also important for a good marriage and sex life. The period of life may be related to the longevity of the cells of the body. The strength of the cell of the body does not mean muscle strength, like that of athletes. It is like vibration, something like the flexibility of a rubberized cell. Relax, take a slow and steady breath, and try to reduce the stress levels. This will increase the body’s cell’s resilience and extend your life span.

Because of the abundance of various appliances in the kitchen, the use of television, cell phones, and computers has led to a lack of exercise. Alcohol, smoking, unhealthy sex, too much sleep, and drugs are becoming more and more people addicted to it. All of this leads to low dhatu Bala, low Ojas, vitiation of all doshas; resulting in–premature aging, exhaustion, weakness, inability to take on stress, chronic illness, and depression.

Anti-oxidants-Foods, herbs, and regimens from Rasayana help to restore this balance.

Benefits of Rasayana

  • It enhances the intelligence, memory power, will power, body strength, skin lustier and sweetness of voice
  • Nourishes blood, lymph, flesh, adipose tissue, and semen and hence prevents chronic degenerative change and illness
  • Rejuvenation therapy improves metabolic process
  • It helps to attain optimal physical strength and sharpness of sense organs.
  • Nourishes the whole body, reproductive organs, and semen.
  • It improves natural resistance against infections, viruses by increasing immunity power.
  • Rejuvenate the nervous system and improve sensing ability.
  • Keeps body and mind pleasant.